About Ministry of Chalets

Ministry of Chalets helps travellers research, plan and book memorable chalet holidays in some of the world’s most amazing destinations. We utilise the latest technology to offer you the best rates and accurate availability whilst delivering a personal service.


Inspire travellers who would normally book a hotel to experience a chalet


Find the perfect chalet for every guest at the best price every time


To provide honest, personal service like the good old days


Ministry of Chalets founders Alastair Loxton and Sara O’Shea met when they were teenagers and have built a home, business and life travelling together. Alastair is like Batman with computers. He has been at the forefront of digital marketing since the late 90’s and designed the website from the ground up.

Sara’s background is in the travel industry and running hotels, so she understands the importance of creating an experience and providing guests with exactly what they want and need whilst on holidays


We used to book our holidays with our local travel agent. They knew what we liked and what we didn’t like. We were on a first-name basis. It was personal. The trouble was travel agents often had limited inventory (and no villas), so options were limited.

Then the Internet came along and changed everything. Online travel sites had more options at lower prices and virtually put the local travel agent out of business. The trouble was the personal service provided by the travel agent was lost.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have both? A personal travel agent with access to the world’s inventory of accommodation at the best prices, so you can explore all options, plan something special and book knowing that you are being looked after? We inspire travelers who would normally book a hotel to experience staying in a private chalet – adding a new dimension to their holiday.

Niseko Alastair Sara


While searching for a villa in Italy founders Alastair and Sara were invited to star in the popular show House Hunters International. The show films behind the scenes, documenting the challenges people face and the emotional experience when moving abroad and looking for a new home.

After realising how challenging it can be for people to find the right property, they launched Ministry of Villas to help travellers find the perfect villa.