Brand guidelines

Download high-resolution versions of the Ministry of Chalets logo and other brand assets. Please do not use these images in a way that would confuse someone into thinking that a villa is owned or endorsed by Ministry of Chalets. Do not alter, stretch, condense, overlay, stylise, or otherwise skew these images in any way.

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About the founders

Ministry of Chalets founders Alastair Loxton and Sara O’Shea met when they were teenagers and have built a home, business and life travelling together.

Alastair is like Batman with computers. He has been at the forefront of digital marketing since the late 90’s and designed the website from the ground up.

Sara’s background is in the travel industry and running hotels, so she understands the importance of creating an experience and providing guests with exactly what they want and need whilst on holidays.

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“Stay just one night in a chalet and you’ll never stay in a hotel again”


Our mysterious brand ambassador represents our guest: elegant and savvy, she is searching for the perfect villa and wants the best price.